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Mary Greene is an Assistant Professor at the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. She researches and teaches in the field of environmental governance, development, sustainable production and consumption, social theory and research methods.

Mary's current research interests focus on environmental governance sustainable consumption research, with a particular focus on urban lifestyles. She is especially interested in the inter-relationships between socio, cultural and technological change in urban settings and the evolution of social practices in peoples’ everyday lives (such as food, energy, and mobility). She is also interested in exploring the role and experience of citizen-consumers in innovations towards sustainable production and consumption systems, from community-driven interventions to urban circular economy transitions.

Central to Mary's recent and ongoing research has been an emphasis on progressing understandings of the intersection of dynamics in everyday consumption with systems of provisions across diverse urbanising contexts. She is also passionate about innovating contextual theoretical and creative, participatory and co-constructive methodological approaches to investigating consumption. Theoretically, Mary draws on critical human geographical and sociological concepts and theories of consumption that enable her to explore how consumption evolves at the intersections of structure, agency, time and space. In doing so she integrates perspectives from urban geography, practice theories, transition theories, multi-level perspectives, science and technology studies, political economy, lifecourse studies, cultural studies, to name just a few. Methodologically, she applies interdisciplinary, participatory and cross-cultural case study research methods to explore intersecting contextual processes shaping action across diverse urban sites spanning the Global North and South.

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  • ENP-23806 - Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators
  • ENP-33306 - Environment and Development
  • ENP-70424 - MSc Internship Environmental Policy
  • ENP-79324 - MSc Research Practice Environmental Policy
  • ENP-80424 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • ENP-80436 - MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
  • ENP-81603 - BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Economics Part 1
  • YMS-30812 - Metropolitan Challenges
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