Naamdr. M Mahdad

OmschrijvingAssistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidBusiness Management & Organisation
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Maral is an entrepreneurial, innovative and performance driven team member with strong business acumen and academic background resulted from the right mix of managerial and engineering skills required for orchestrating open innovation processes, organisational development and change management. Her diverse experience resulting from working in differnet countries including Denmark, Italy, India, Malaysia and Iran with diverse cultures guides her in carrying out different roles: 
- As an "Open and Collaborative Innovation" Researcher she helps organizations facilitate knowledge and technological inflows and outflows, leveraging their core capabilities and going through digital transformation journeys, and stakeholder engagement. Her experiences as an Open Innovation Consultant are in Telecom Industry, Food and Agricultural sectors, and Research and Education sector. 
- As a humanitarian - through years of volunteering experiences in NGOs - she is able to understand and solve socio-economic issues implementing sound methods, particularly designing and implementing educational programs specialised for vulnerable minorities to enhance their entrepreneurial competences.

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The list of on going projects: 

CO-FRESH: The CO-FRESH project aims to provide techniques, tools and insights on how to make agri-food value chains more environmentally sustainable, socio-economically balanced and economically competitive. The project will implement technological and non-technological innovations in several pilots of agri-food value chains (Pilot Cases included in the CO-FRESH consortium), to test how the combination of technological and non-technological (i.e. organisational) innovations at several levels and steps (from farmer to the food-processing to consumer) can improve environmental and socio-economic benefits impact in terms of sustainability.

BEATLES: The BEATLES project seeks to investigate factors that affect the behavioral change of agri-food value chain actors towards climate-smart agriculture and to propose transformative ways of the change via effective business models and evidence-based policy design. 

EWUU alliance on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The project investigates the role of universities in Sustainable Entrepreneurial and regional ecosystems. 



BMO51306 Management of Science and Technology 

WUINE Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

BMO-22706 Principals of Entrepreneurship 


  • BMO-31306 - Advanced Business Research (ABR)
  • BMO-51306 - Management of Science and Technology
  • BMO-55806 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
  • BMO-70224 - MSc Internship Business Management and Organisation
  • BMO-70424 - MSc Internship Business Management and Organisation
  • BMO-80424 - MSc Thesis Business Management and Organisation
  • BMO-80436 - MSc Thesis Business Management and Organisation
  • ELS-66100 - Developing Entrepreneurial Agency: from ideas to impact
  • MCB-33806 - Strategic Marketing for Market Transformation
  • YSS-38003 - Critical Reflections on Sustainable Business
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