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OrganisatieeenheidHydrologie en Kwantitatief Waterbeheer
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    jan 2020 - Nu


Project: Deepening our understanding of (shallow) precipitation observations from space.

Accurate precipitation observations are vital for environmental applications that are highly imbedded in the contemporary society, such as crop yield and flash flood forecasting, water management, and drought monitoring. Satellite-based remote sensing provides a unique opportunity for the estimation of global precipitation patterns. However, it is crucial that the uncertainty of satellite-based precipitation retrieval is well understood before it can be implemented in hydrology and meteorology. Furthermore, improvements are required as the retrieval of high-latitude precipitation, especially shallow precipitation, remains challenging for satellite precipitation monitoring.

My PhD research aims to 1) quantify the quality of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) precipitation products, 2) to improve the understanding of precipitation processes, and 3) to use these understandings to improve space-based precipitation retrieval algorithms. I am especially interested in precipitation retrieval from radiometers.

Furthermore, I am interested in precipitation retrieval from commercial microwave links (CML). CML data can be employed to retrieve precipitation estimations by using the attenuation of the radio signal between a transmitter and a receiver caused by raindrops. This method will be further explored in a later stage of my project.

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