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OrganizationDepartment of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Organization UnitFood Quality and Design
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Carole Sanya is a sandwich PhD student from Benin, west Africa. She got her bachelor and MSc degrees in her home country, and has acquired some research experience during her study, as well as the trainings and volunteering program she participated to. Most recently, she worked as research assistant in the laboratory of food sciences (LSA/FSA/UAC, Benin), under DAPIS project conducted in collaboration with FQD/WUR, and funded by NWO - WOTRO through the Applied Research Fund program.

For her PhD, Carole is currently working to up-scale the traditional processing of maize-based Akpan, a yoghurt-like fermented beverage made in Benin, for conquering urban consumers. This topic is one under FERMFOOD project (funded by INREF/WUR), which aims to promote food and nutrition security in Africa. It mainly combines food quality, food fermentation and genetics, and will be conducted together with the laboratory of food sciences in Benin.

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