Naamdr. P Kromann

OmschrijvingDLO Onderzoeker
OrganisatieWageningen Plant Research
OrganisatieeenheidOpen Teelten
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    mrt 2022 - Nu


I have prolonged agricultural research experience from Denmark, New Zealand, Africa and Latin America. Over the years, I have worked with research & development in tropical and temperate agri-food systems from a number of perspectives: project & stakeholder management, crop production, integrated pest & disease management, seed systems,
crop growth and soil-water-plant relations, and capacity building with a variety of beneficiaries (farmers, governmental and private sector extension agents, ministries and policy makers etc.).

After working with agricultural research and development in Latin America, Africa and China, it is a great satisfaction to see how the work of my colleagues and myself has contributed to improved sustainable production processes, new-thinking and most of all to the progress of successful farmers and a cleaner environment in some of the world's most vulnerable and productive agricultural areas.

In 2020 I started my job in the Field Crops team at WUR, based in Lelystad. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with top potato and vegetable growers in the Netherlands and continue to bring efficient production strategies to growers around the globe while ensuring production security and improved livelihoods while monitoring our impact on the environment. 

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