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Morgina Akter earned her BSc and MSc degree in Marine Science from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. In 2018, She received an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree in Aquaculture, Environment & Society from University of the Highlands and Islands (United Kingdom), University of Crete (Greece) and University of Nantes (France). During her second MSc, she has worked in various reputed laboratory including Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece and French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), France. She worked  as a research Assistant under the "Resilient Small Scale Fisheries" Program at WorldFish, an international research organisation at Bangladesh.

My direct supervisor is dr. ir. Johan Schrama




Developing feeding strategy for Indian major carps and tilapia polyculture

Aquaculture is of major and increasing importance to global food security, particularly in Low Income, Food Deficit Countries, where it also serves as a significant contribution to poverty alleviation. Carps are the most important aquaculture species in volume globally and particularly in Southeast Asia. Carp culture is mainly in semi-intensive ponds. Feed is the major nutrient input for aquaculture, constitutes 50-70% of operational cost and determines largely the profitability of aquaculture.

Polyculture is one of the most common farming system in Southeast Asia for Carps but also is a growing trend for tilapia. It provides resilience in the farming against many uncertainties. However it also creates challenges to administer efficient feed application. Optimizing feeding strategy can largely improve feed efficiency, increase profitability and also help is using our limited resources in a more sustainable approach.

This PhD project will harness the best feeding methods in carp-tilapia polyculture systems which is the predominant farming system across Bangladesh and a growing trend in neighboring.

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