Name F Asif PhD MSc

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DescriptionPostdoc Researcher
OrganizationDepartment of Social Sciences
Organization UnitEnvironmental Policy


I am a postdoc within the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University. My research focuses on building on both the theory and praxis around aquaculture governance through a project ('Aquaculture Governance Indicators') focusing on the development and implementation of an aquaculture governance indicator framework.

I am an environmental social scientist, and as such, my general research interests are around the nexus of human-environment relations, with grounded experience in coastal, small-scale fisheries and communities (Cambodia), migration, social wellbeing, and social resilience. Other areas of experience include climate change adaptation, climate resilience, and natural resource management.

I have a PhD in International Development (University of Ottawa), a Master of Environmental Science (University of Toronto) and a Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology/Environmental Science (Western University, Canada).

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