Name JE Edwards MSc

Job details
OrganizationDepartment of Animal Sciences
Organization UnitAquaculture and Fisheries


PhD candidate specializing in the movement ecology of marine fishes. Has
extensive experience in at-sea field research and international
collaboration. Possesses technical knowledge and hands-on experience in
the deployment of satellite and acoustic telemetry technologies and
various oceanographic sampling devices. Proficient in handling,
husbandry, and biological sampling procedures for numerous marine
fishes and invertebrates.

My direct supervisor is prof. dr. ir. Tom Buijse

Expert Profile
  • Acoustic telemetry equipment deployment, retrieval, and data analysis
  • Tagging techniques for fish and crustaceans (internal and external; satellite, acoustic, marker tags)
  • Ship-based field work
  • Proficient use of R statistical software
  • Use of veterinary ultrasound for sex determination in flatfish
  • Blood sampling and stress hormone testing
  • Handling and non-lethal sampling of fish and invertebrates (weights, measurements, tissue samples)
  • Humane euthanasia and lethal sampling of fish and invertebrates (otoliths, organs, tissues, maturity estimation)
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Key publications
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PhD Research - (SWIMWAY) Tracking fish Migration and habitat selection in the
Wadden Sea


BSc with First Class Honours in Marine Biology - 2017, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

MSc in Biological Sciences - 2020, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 

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