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OmschrijvingUniversitair hoofddocent
OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidStrategische Communicatie


Daniel Fischer is Associate Professor for Consumer Communication and Sustainability at the Strategic Communication Group (COM) at Wageningen University and Research. He has previously served as Assistant Professor at Arizona State University (USA) and Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany), where he still holds adjunct positions. 

In his research and teaching, Daniel is interested in exploring how more sustainable ways of living and consuming can be facilitated through communication and learning. He uses inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to understand how consumption patterns evolve and change over time and in different cultural settings, and what role communication processes play in this. Daniel has a strong interest in intervention research. His recent research projects studied how innovative practices like mindfulness, storytelling, or citizen science can disrupt consumption routines and increase reflexivity in individuals. Daniel's work in Sustainable Consumption Communication aims, in an educational tradition, to empower people to re-shape their relationships with the consumer societies into which they have been born, encultured, and socialized in the industrialized world.  

Daniel is the head of the SuCo2 research group ( SuCo2 (short for: Sustainable Consumption & Sustainability Communication) is an interdisciplinary research group at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) with team members from Arizona State University (USA) and Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany). The research work of SuCo2 aims to better understand the role that consumption plays in satisfying human needs, how it impacts on individual, collective and planetary wellbeing, and how more responsible ways of living can be encouraged through communication and education. 

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Daniel's SuCo2 Research Group is currently involved in three major grant-funded projects (more information on 

  • The SusTelling project explores how youths and young adults learn about and for sustainability through stories and narrative communication approaches.
  • The ReZeitKon project explores how individuals perceive and make use of time, in particular saved or “free” time, and how these usages of time relate to and can be changed towards more sustainable consumption. SuCo2 leads the education intervention subproject.
  • FoodLabHome is a citizen science project in which school students study their own households to measure food waste (FW) and implement interventions to reduce FW-related greenhouse gas emissions.


Previous Positions

  • Assistant Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sustainability, Leuphana University


  • PhD, Sustainability Science, Leuphana University, Germany
  • MA, Educational Management and School Development, University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • Teacher Certification, Primary and Secondary School Teaching, University of Osnabrück, Germany
  • CPT-23306 - Persuasion in Consumer Communication for Sustainability
  • CPT-81324 - MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
  • MCB-20806 - Principles of Consumer Studies
  • YSS-36806 - Consumer Studies for Sustainability: Perspectives and Ethics
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