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In my academic work, I am interested in ways how philosophical methods can be employed for answering normative questions in the areas of development, knowledge integration, economy, and ecology. While I began my studies with a particular interest in philosophy of language and meta-ethics, I later focused primarily on political philosophy and American pragmatism.

In September 2020, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled Balancing Tradition and Development at Utrecht University, which I wrote under the supervision of Ingrid Robeyns. For my PhD project, I researched the role of cultural traditions within economic development processes with a particular focus on Indigenous peoples.

Currenty, I am a member of David Ludwig's GEOS Team at Wageningen University which forms part of the Knowledge, Technology & Innovation Group. In this project, I am examining the deep ontological differences between different Indigenous ontologies and the limits of ontological pluralism.

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Research cluster: "Global Epistemologies and Ontologies" (GEOS)
Project: "Ethnoontologies. Relating Metaphysics and Practice of Knowledge Diversity"

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