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Have you ever heard about protein transition?

Protein transition is the shift away from the consumption of animal proteins towards vegetable and new protein sources, needed to reduce the environmental impact of the food production system.

In this context, there is an huge potential for the food industry to explore alternative sources of proteins, in particular proteins from plant origin. Proteins from pulses, the dried edible seeds of certain legumes, are increasingly desired by consumers as plant-based meat replacers and dairy alternatives in Europe. However, at the moment, there are no pulses varieties available on the market that were designed and optimized for such applications in food. 

By combining quantitative aspect of plant genetics, biochemistry and food science, the final aim of my project is to provide the pulses breeders with essential molecular knowledge (casual genes discovery) and tools (molecular markers for MAS) to develop varieties suitable to be used as ingredients in complex and modern food application (i .e., 'vegetarian hamburger'). 

Would you like to join me in this cutting-edge challenge? Would you like to play a research role in protein transition during your BSc, MSc thesis or Internship? Do not hesitate to send me an email to discuss about ideas, possibilities and methodologies.  


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MSc Biotechnology for Environmental Management and Sustainable Agriculture at the Univeristy of Florence, Italy

BSc Agricultural and Environmental Science (specialization: Biotechnology) at the University of Perugia, Italy

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