Naam J Li

OrganisatieDepartement Maatschappijwetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidKennis, Technologie and Innovatie


Jinghan Li is a Ph.D. candidate affiliated with the Knowledge Technology and Innovation Group and Development Economic Group. Her primary research revolves around the role of innovation intermediaries in promoting sustainable agricultural practices in rural China, with a specific focus on Science and Technology Backyards (STBs) as a case study. Her investigation aims to understand how these intermediary organizations facilitate changes in farming practices within smallholder farming systems.

Commencing her Ph.D. journey in 2019, Jinghan dedicated her initial 1.5 years to conducting extensive field observations in three distinct STBs across various regions of China. Her research interests encompass missions-oriented innovation systems at the regional level, innovation intermediaries, multi-stakeholder interaction networks, and the influence of these factors on driving practice change among smallholders on a broader scale.

With a background in agricultural economics, Jinghan eagerly embraces qualitative research as a relatively new aspect of her expertise, seeking to further deepen her proficiency in this domain.

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