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Alexandra Schneiders is a Research Associate at the UCL Energy Institute and the Operating Agent of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models (GO-P2P), an Annex of the User-Centred Technology Collaboration Programme by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Her research focuses on the policy and regulatory enablers/obstacles of rolling out peer-to-peer and community self-consumption models. Prior to joining the UCL Energy Institute in 2018, she worked in Brussels in political and legal consultancies, advising corporate and public sector clients on energy and financial services-related topics. Her background is in law and politics, and she holds degrees from the University of Amsterdam (LLB, 2012 & LLM, 2016) as well as the College of Europe (MA, 2013).

As part of her External PhD project at Wageningen University, she will be looking into the regulation of new sharing economy models in the energy sector, in particular peer-to-peer energy trading. Policymakers and regulators all over the world are currently facing challenges in trying to find a balance between enabling innovation while protecting consumers participating in these new business models. It is becoming increasingly clear that regulation cannot evolve at the same pace as innovation, and tools such as regulatory sandboxes and standards are seen as potential solutions to this issue in sectors such as financial services. These discussions are only beginning to take place in the energy sector, where potential harm could be more far-reaching. Are additional regulatory tools such as sandboxes and standards suitable for the energy sector, in particular to protect consumers generating and selling renewable energy to other consumers? This will be the central question that will be answered by this PhD project.

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