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As I am turning 50 this year, I realize that I have been active in people development in multinational organisations for more than 25 years; developing and facilitating programs on individual, team and leadership development. I have spend 19 years living, raising a family and working in various countries in the Asia region. Shortly after I returned back to Europe, Covid hit us all and a vast section of the working population started working from home on short notice with little preparation. As an Organisational Psychologist this largest experiment ever, in changing working and learning conditions, totally intrigued me. Especialy since so many people and organisations indicate they want to keep a hybrid working model where people work partly from home and partly from the workplace. 

I am very interested how we as a society will transition towards a working population that learns and develops embracing a sustainable and more mature hybrid working model. To me this is a wonderful opportunity to bridge practise & science. So after 25 year in the working field I am returning to the university to figure out what -in this new reality- works, what not and for who. As an inclusive society I think it is important to make sure the broadest group possible at the workplace feels motivated and empowered to learn and develop so they can keep participating and thriving in these innovative times. I am very excited to contribute with my PhD research towards  creating a mature and sustainable hybrid working place that enables wellbeing, inclusivity and learning

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