Naam Y Makanse MSc

OrganisatieDepartement Omgevingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidCultural Geography
OmschrijvingPh.D. Candidate
OrganisatieDepartement Omgevingswetenschappen
OrganisatieeenheidCultural Geography
  • - APECS Netherlands
    apr 2023 - Nu

    Board Member APECS Netherlands

  • - IPTRN (International Polar Tourism Research Network)
    apr 2022 - Nu

    IPTRN (International Polar Tourism Research Network) Steering Committee member


Yousra Makanse is a Ph.D. candidate at Wageningen University & Research within the Cultural Geography Research Group (GEO).

She holds a European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) joint master’s degree from the University of Southern Denmark, University of Ljubljana, and Universitat de Girona, and a bachelor's degree in Leisure and Tourism from the University of São Paulo. Yousra earned a tourism research fellowship at DOUROTUR, a project for Scientific Research and Technological Development funded by Portugal's Norte 2020, and she extended her experience in the tourism industry working as a Sustainability Project Manager in the Norwegian hospitality industry. She also gained experience in the environmental field by working with environmental restoration in the Pacific Northwestern United States.

Yousra’s current research aims to explore and map tourism diversification in the Antarctic, particularly considering the magnitude of integration of less tangible concepts of the ATS fundamental principles and values in the development of new, novel, or particularly concerning activities, as part of an NWO project funded by the Netherlands Polar Programme. The ultimate objective is to provide knowledge for the CEP process towards the development of a framework for conducting pre-assessments relating to new tourism activities in the Antarctic.

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ProAct: Proactive Management of Antarctic Tourism: Exploring the Role of ATS Principles and Values and Best Practices Beyond the ATS

The project ‘Proactive Management of Antarctic Tourism: Exploring the Role of ATS Principles and Values and Best Practices Beyond the ATS (ProAct project) is a joint project between Tilburg University, Utrecht University, and Wageningen University & Research. Funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), the project commenced on 1 March 2021 and will run for a period of 5 years. 

Antarctic tourism has significantly increased – both in visitor numbers and types of activities – and further increases are projected. Many States and other stakeholders are concerned that the 1991 Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty and other regulations adopted at Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings (ATCMs) provide insufficient protection for human safety, scientific research and the Antarctic environment.  

The ProAct project aims to support the Netherlands and possibly the ATCM in proactive management of tourism within the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) on four themes:  

1. maximizing visitor numbers by a cap-and-trade system;  
2. constraining diversification of activities by pre-assessment procedures;  
3. improving domestic implementation of ATS tourism regulations; and  
4. enhancing the role of non-use and non-user States. 


Master's: EMTM - European Master in Tourism Management
University of Southern Denmark, University of Ljubljana, and Universitat de Girona
Kolding (Denmark), Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Girona (Spain)
Aug 2015 – Dec 2017

The Erasmus Mundus European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) is a two-year world-class integrated programme aimed at qualifying graduates to deal with the huge challenges in contemporary tourism. The main aim of EMTM is to prepare future professionals who will embrace responsibility in tourism institutions making sustainable and effective decisions. EMTM provides students with an integrated knowledge of the dynamics of tourism development, sustainable management, the role of cultural diversity, innovation, and governance in tourism and provides training for future researchers in the field of tourism management.


Bachelor's: Leisure and Tourism
USP - Universidade de São Paulo 
São Paulo, Brazil 
Jan 2009 – Dec 2012

The BA in Leisure and Tourism works in several areas as well as in tourism planning, organization of events, entertainment, cultural activities, gastronomy, hospitality, historical and cultural heritage, sustainable development, and in the use of leisure spaces and equipment.

Due to the participation of Brazil in events of great international prominence, the market is expanding and offers opportunities in tourism agencies and operators, hotels, airlines, cultural and sports centers, public and private parks, third sector institutions, in addition to activities in public administration.

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