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OrganizationDepartment of Environmental Sciences
Organization UnitHydrology and Quantitative Water Management


PLACZOI - Plastic Accumulation Zone Identification in river systems.

In my PhD project I study where plastic litter accumulates along rivers. I investigate which factors and riverbank characteristics relate to the amount and type of litter we find on a certain riverbank. A large amount of plastic litter is constantly emitted into the environment and a lot of plastic litter is transported by rivers. However we don't know very much about the transport, (re-)mobilization, and accumulation processes. With my research I want to contribute to a better understanding of the sources and movement of plastic litter in the environment (and how much movement there actually is). Ultimately better understanding these processes can hopefully contribute to prevent and mitigate further plastic pollution in the environment.

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PLACZOI_Plastic Accumulation Zone Identification in river systems

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